Ball Corporation is a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic
packaging, primarily for beverages and foods, and provider of aerospace
and other  technologies  and services to  commercial  and governmental
customers. Founded  in 1880, the  company  employs more than 11,000
people in more than 60 locations. Ball Corporation stock is traded on the
New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols "BLL."
              To  be  the premier  provider  to  major  beverage, food  and
aerospace  and  technologies  customers  of the products and services
that we offer, while earning a return on investment which creates value for Ball shareholders.
              To be the industry leader in helping major beverage and food
customers fulfill their metal and plastic  packaging  needs  and  to be a
leader in providing  advanced imaging, communications and  information
solutions for an intelligent world through our aerospace and technologies subsidiary.


  • As a corporation, our strategy is to earn a return  in excess of our  cost of capital by aggressively
    managing our businesses and through acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances or other means
    when such changes will enhance a business and benefit Ball 's shareholders
  • In packaging, our strategy is to leverage our superior continuous process improvement expertise in
    order to manufacture, market, sell and   service high-quality, value-added  products that meet the
    needs of high-volume and/or growing customer segments of the beverage and food markets.
  • In aerospace and technologies, our strategy is to generate superior results by focusing on markets
    where  we have  competitive and   technological advantages  and by  commercializing technologies
    developed for government customers